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Repeating an action group

Please help a newbie
To repeat a group of actions, do they need to be duplicated, or is there a way to repeat a group of actions?
For example: press 4 buttons with parameters changing to the same values
Thank you in advance

Hello @zeleznov.sergey,

Are you referring to a group of steps? or a single step that performs the click action?
Let me elaborate on how to repeat a group of steps and a single step.

  • A single step: you can click on the step to open it, scroll down a bit to the “Step repeats” input field, and set the required amount of repeats. For example, repeating a single step 5 times:


  • A group of steps: you can multi-select the steps you’d like to repeat, and group them as a test, this subtest will be a step in your main test, and you can set repetitions on it exactly as we did for a single step.

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super, that’s what you need, thank you very much