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Repeat Step after Recovery test seems to just continue test instead

When doing a recovery test if a step fails, on two different tests I have made I have noticed that if you set it to repeat the step, it seems to instead behave the same as the continue test option. This is not a major problem given how easy it is to duplicate steps within the recorder, but I still thought I would mention this.

Hi @snelzing.

Repeat step condition for Recovery test is trying to perform a step, which caused a fail, one more time.
And it can have a different result after repeat.

Indeed, whatever the result will be after repeat, the test case will continue to execute following steps after this one.

If you want to repeat some step few times in a row , you can use the Repeat step option in every step settings (in the very end of step settings).

I don’t think it is even running the step again after the recovery test.

Here is the example I am working with:

I have a step that I use to check if an element is present. If it isn’t, then I want it to run a test that resets the app and logs in. Then I want it to try to look for that element again and tell me if now it can find it now that it has logged in and gotten to the home screen. Currently it just goes to whatever the next step in the test is.