Repeat few fields to add more than one record

Hi All,

Please help me with the following scenario and let me know if this possible in TestProject.

1- REPEAT few steps using Repeat- Can we use a variable to provide more flexibility in repeating steps? Currently it doesn’t allow any variable.
2. Is there any other way to repeat steps with different data? say run few steps 2 times or 3 times based on the input data.


Hello @pratima.sharma,
There is already an open improvement ticket for this request.
I added you to the list so you will get notified once its resolved.
Ticket number TP-16525.

Please watch this article as it may help in your case.

You can also duplicate your steps and set their execution based on a condition with a parameter.

Please let me know if you need any assistance or more information.

@ran.ferdinaro please let me know if this issue is resolved.


I am following this one too , we need this feature ASAP :slight_smile:

@it.dishantrawat I added you to the ticket as well :slight_smile:

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