Rename test iteration based on data source parameter

Hi guys,

I have a use case where I need to run the same test for 40 iterations with different data.

Unfortunately in the report it makes it very difficult to follow which iterations failed as it is not immediately clear which parameters failed as it simply names the test followed by the iteration i,e,

My Login Test (1)
My Login Test (2)
My Login Test (3)

Is there anyway that I could rename it based on a given parameter i.e.

My Login Test Username1
My Login Test Username2
My Login Test Username3

That would be extremely beneficial.

Hi @michael.matusowsky1.

Do you mean for the test reports? Where exactly would you like to see the test iteration name?
It would be great if you could take a screenshot.

Hi Recardo,

Here is an example from our summary report. It is a data driven test using a data source to run the same test 23 times (so far) but the inputs are different for every single entry. It is not easy to discern which iteration tests a specific line from the get go i.e. we need to open the CSV to keep track of which data was used in each iteration and especially for failed iterations.

It would be nice if we could have another column in the CSV to name the iteration something more descriptive.

The screenshots below are what it looks like in the full report as it is now:

As you can see the name of the test is appended with a number (1) (2) based on the iteration. It would be incredibly helpful if we could substitute our own parameter such that we could maybe append something more descriptive to more easily identify what data was used for the iteration i.e. maybe I want to check the client names I am serving then I could have a test something like this:

Test: Check client name exists Michael
Test: Check client name exists John
Test: Check client name exists Ricardo

Instead of
Test: Check client name exists (1)
Test: Check client name exists (2)
Test: Check client name exists (3)

I hope this makes sense to you.

Hi @michael.matusowsky1.

Currently it is not possible to customize reports adding parameters.

We will notify you here if it we decide to add it to our roadmap.

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