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Regressions in Test Recorder Dialog

A recent upgrade to app.testproject.io brought with it some regressions.
Previously, when you opened a test for editing (when not in record mode) the legacy record/edit dialog was used.
Now, after the upgrades this past week, tests opened for editing (when not in record mode) use the newest (non-legacy) dialog.
Using the newer dialog, I believe, is actually a good thing…

However, for some reason, the dialog suffers from a few regressions when not in record-mode:

  1. Advanced Options => Step Fails Action => Always Pass is not selectable
  2. Advanced Options => Conditions => Add Condition => Operator dropdown is not populated

There may be more regressions too, these are just the ones I’ve noticed so far…

It is annoying to have to go into record mode to be able to set these values.
A prompt fix addressing these issues would be appreciated.

Also: Having access to some sort of visible version indication, and change/feature logg for updates to app.testproject.io would be helpful (and appreciated)

Yepp, found another regression:
The context dropdown fails to populate as well…

Hello @nathan.hill

Thank you very much for pointing out those issues,
I will pass them on to my team, a fix should be deployed in the next week.

Regarding the version indication, and changes made,
it’s a great idea and in fact we will make a post in the forum regarding the changes that are going to be made soon.

And about the legacy recorder, it was there for 8 months to allow people adjust for the new recorder,
this is the reason for not seeing the legacy recorder dialog.

For the meantime I would recommend changing those settings in the record mode.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Can you attach a screenshot of this as well?

Is that really necessary?

If the other issues are reproduceable for your devs, I’m sure they can easily observe the third bug I mentioned. Either way, I recommend someone looks through all the dialogs elements (any maybe takes time to create a TestProject test that can identify regressions in the future? :wink: )

If you struggle to reproduce the error, message me, and I’ll happily show a dev the issue live on zoom…

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Hi @nathan.hill,

Those issues have been fixed,
please let me know if there are any other issues.

Thank you.

Noticed today that the regressions you indicated were fixed are once again a problem.

Using the new version (not legacy) version test editor,
I still get empty dropdowns for:

Maybe worth making some tests for all test editor dropdowns to ensure they are always getting populated?

Found another regression - regarding optional validation of Output values.
Posted more info in this related topic: