Register Agent Issue

I am having troubles registering agent via locally – it was never a issue previously, but somehow, it is failing to find my computer/hardware from the looks of it i.e. refer to screenshot below


Using Windows 10/Chrome*


Edit: cannot open recorder as a result of the above

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Same issue on mac. Local agent is not detected


I started having the same issue with the existing Agent on Windows

I have also encountered this issue today. I wasn’t able to get it to work despite uninstalling and re-installing the agent, re-registering the agent, etc.

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I am also facing same issue, not able to register the installed agent (which is in my local machine).

Hi, is your issue resolved? Where you able to register agent?
I have the same issue as well. Please guide me incase your issue is resolved.
Using Windows 11/Chrome

Issue is not resolved

Thanks for reply rmalinin. Looks like Testproject server is not able to make contact with our local agent.
Any idea why this is happening?

I see 404 when trying to register agent

I don’t know but hopefully they will respond because it’s impacting many users

I don’t know: you can update my post and hopefully someone will respond.

I am using the latest testproject agent 3.5.0 and java open sdk

From yesterday the testproject agent is not working , it is either showing as disconnected or development in the testproject console, in my local testproject is still shown as running.

I couldnt execute my scripts it is always failing. Please help to fix the issue related to TestPRoject agent. I can share the agent logs if required.

Thank you for your response. I was thinking if there is a way if we could connect with TP engineer & discuss this issue. Not sure if they regularly reply for the forum issues.

Please keep me posted . I will be away for couple days but hopefully with your help issue will be resolved.
Thank you

Sure, will update here.

I had few emailids and sent an email to them if they could forward to technical team to resolve this issue at the earliest. I am worried that my team is not able to execute the scripts :frowning:

Could you please share mail id’s here, if not i would be thankful to you if you could share any response from TP team.

My email is

Same issue on Mac and Windows agent. ;(