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Recording Mobile Page Layout

I’m attempting to conduct web testing on a site that uses dynamic layout for mobile/desktop users and I’m struggling with testing the mobile version.

I’m using the recorder to setup the tests, then running them through BrowserStack. The site uses different divs for mobile and desktop, meaning the elements the tests are looking for aren’t visible and therefore they fail.

Is there a way of recording a test in mobile layout? I’ve tried using the console in Chrome to adjust the resolution, but the site styling doesn’t change.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Ralder
The best solution is to set your Chrome to mobile view.
Open developer tools by pressing F12.
Click here

it will set to mbile view, you can change the resolution and responsivness.

Here after changes, set to iPad and 150% zoom.

IMPORTANT: Refresh the recorder after it is set to let the DOM changes accordingly to mobile view.

Also, this will only work with our new recorder which is currently in beta. (if you refresh the old recorder it will close)

Please state your account email here so I can add you too the beta.

Thank you for the help!

I would rather not share my email on a public space, is there a way I can contact you directly?

Sure, you can send it over to support@testproject.io