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Recording "android.widget.TextView" gives an erorr and test is not running

Am planning to test my mobile app(react native) in test project while all the steps are verified at step 4: “android.widget.TextView” it is throwing an error displaying element not found, can any one suggest me this what i should do

Hello @seo,

What action are you trying to do on that element?
It might be that the locator of that element is not correct, or that element is not present on the screen.
I would suggest checking that the locators of that element are correct, by utilizing out “Element Explorer” option:

Using it you can search for all of the elements present in the application, and see their locators.

If that element is not present on the screen you can use this actions to swipe to it:

Also to check if that element exists on the screen, click on the “Find” button next to it: