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Recorder forgets parameter values if the record session is longer

I have a parameter that i populate at the beginning of a test for example with the output of the ‘Generate random last name’ step. The parameter value gets changed and works ok initially, but after spending more time in the recorder (30 mins - 1 hour) at some point the recorder starts using the default value for the parameter again and forgets the generated value when i pass the parameter to a sub test or a parametrized element.

Hi @SjakieMaksym,
I have opened a ticket (TP-16538) on this, I will let you know once this get resolved.

Hi, @SjakieMaksym,
After executing the test from the “Run” button the parameters value will reset, can you make sure it’s not the case where current value is reset due to executing the test?

I’m not clicking the Run button for the entire test, but I am running individual steps, as part of debugging the test

Hi @SjakieMaksym,
The issue has been identified and resolved, now only when you click on the “RUN” button the parameters value will reset to default values.

Looks good, thank you.

No problem happy to help :slight_smile: