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Record website with Basic Authentication prompt


How can I record/implement steps for a website with a basic authentication challenge?



Hi @p.blommendaal,

During the recording of your test, it’s not possible and you would have to login manually (without recording it).
When your test is ready to execute, simply update the URL of the test to:

Once you do that, it will login automatically and run your test.

Hi @amit.yahav, thanks, that will do indeed. Can I secure the url so the username and password are concealed?

There’s no such option. The value of the username and password eventually will br typed.

But you shouldn’t worry about that. You and your teammate are the only ones who has access to it. It’s secured as all of the data in your account.

Hi @p.blommendaal,

I though about it a bit more and there is an option to encrypt the value of the URL.
Inside the test, edit the ApplicationURL parameter’s value and choose the secret option

Thanks, will look into it.

Hi @amit.yahav
I tried using this method but it is not helping