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Record website test on Android

How can I record a test using the browser (chrome) on Android?


Hi :slight_smile:
First, you will need to prepare your device:
In developer options enable:
Intsall via USB
USB-debugging (Security settings) (for Xiaomi)

Then connect your device to computer and set the connection type MTP.
Then accept the message on device screen to allow connection.

After this you will see, that you device connected to TestProject and you will be able to create Andoid test

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Hi, I see the device, to record the web test, do I need to execute the chrome app or there is another way?


If your goal to test web page on mobile version - you can record a usual web test and then run it on your Android device.
If you want straightly run the Chrome application on your device and make automation this way, then you need to create Android test and select mobile Chrome browser as test application. But Chrome is a hybrid application and since its hybrid it can be more time consuming sometimes to get the correct elements.