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Record screen crashes after about 30 minutes [SOLVED]

I am fairly new to TestProject so there may be some specifications I missed regarding app timeouts. I have created a couple of tests and am trying to manually add steps along with creating Elements. The test may have as many as 300 steps when finished, I also have it set up as a data-driven test.

The problem I am having is that as I am manually adding steps and creating the Elements as I go, after about 30-35 minutes, TestProject will automatically close and I will have to go back in to the test, and get back to my previous location so that I can continue.

Is there a timeout or something going on in TestProject.

I haven’t had this issue so I assume there is no timeout. We’ll see what they say, if I was you I would contact TestProject directly for support on that. I imagine they will ask you details to recreate, environment/OS etc.

Thanks @Philip.Wong I will contact support. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something or if others were having any similar issues.

There is not a build in timeout on the record, however disconnects may occur and it depends on how stable your internet connection is, if the issue reproduces a lot, and you are sure it only happens on TestProject, please contact us directly on our support chat.

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