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Record Playback issues with Telerik controls in Web App

We have a web app that uses the Telerik controls for menus, and UI. When the application reaches a point where there is a horizontal set of menu options, clicking on any of them fails during playback.

I have tried a number of add-ons in the hopes that the actions would succeed, but have had no luck.

Does anyone out there have any experience with navigating the Telerik controls?

I attached a screen shot. The problem is with the horizontal bar where one of the choices is Evidence.

3-8 MCV Menu Bar Capture

Please try to use the following steps which can be found in create step manually under actions:

  1. Click on dynamic element


  1. click at coordinate (X, Y)

In the case the two option above did not work for you, you might need to create a custom locator. I have added below a basic explanation on how to use XPATH for locating elements in the page.

  1. First, try to edit the element like in the image below,


To check your locators use the magnifying glass
(notice the element must be present on the page when checking a locator):

If another locator is more consistent make it your primary locator, push it to the top with the arrows next to the magnifying glass.

  1. Check for a unique attribute and search the button by that locator,

you can make your custom locator like this for example:
using Xpath //*[@attribute="value"]

For instance, my locator for Amazon looks like this:
using Xpath //*[@id="add-to-cart-button"]

However, you can use TestProject built-in locator generator like this:

by pressing double shift on any element you can freeze it and then extract multiple XPaths by choosing different attributes. find the one that works best in your test case.

If you weren’t successful or you couldn’t use the recorder to built working locators please reach out on our support chat.

We have very complex JavaScript that was delaying the visibility of many elements.

We added artificial 2 second delay to the overall script elements that appears to have resolved the problem.