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Record How Long it Takes A Page to Load

I am new to the TestProject community and I have created 2 automated tests already. I am wondering if TestProject is capable of recording the speed which every page you open in the browser loads at?

For example opening the dev tools in google chrome, then opening the networking section will record and show how long it takes for a page to load when you navigate to another page.

Can TestProject record those metrics directly from the browser and save them somewhere? If not can it record those metrics on its own?

I have to create some speed tests soon for a project that I am working on.

TestProject has a built-in option for measuring action time, by cratering navigate to actions it will simply measure the load time for every URL or sub URL. here I recorded a simple test that navigates to 5 different URLs, here is the execution report. apparently CNN is the slowest with 9.5 sec to load

let me know if it make sense

Awesome, thanks man!