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Receiving an error when trying to upload Addon JAR

I have created Addon on TestProject platform, now i have to upload file into it.
what type of file need type uploaded. I have tried with jar file which I can able to upload in new test and can run it on TestProject platform. but I am getting error message like ‘operation fail please try again’
Please help thanks.

I see similar problem, while uploading addon JAR. Is JAR the right file to upload?Here is the screenshot - https://imgur.com/a/wv5KRzf

Hello all,

Please send us the JAR files for analysis.

Thanks for the JAR file.

It appears that you are trying to upload a coded test as an addon.
Please make sure that you have the correct annotations defined and you have a valid manifest file.
You can find all the relevant info on our github page: https://github.com/testproject-io/java-sdk-examples/tree/master/Web#addon-development

We will add a more informative user message in the nearest future.
Please let Us know if you’ve able to finalize the process and/or if any additional assistance is required.

In my case the problem was that the Addon JAR had testproject SDK inside of it and was not removed during uber jar creation. I fixed it and now able to upload JAR. Thanks for the help.

You are still implementing WebTest interface and not WebAction
Here is an example of an Action: https://github.com/testproject-io/java-sdk-examples/blob/master/Web/Addon/src/main/java/io/testproject/examples/sdk/java/ClearFields.java

How did you import the manifest.json file? Looking into your JAR seems like it’s no longer called manifest.json and no longer a JSON file.
Are you using Gradle task JAR as shown in the example? https://github.com/testproject-io/java-sdk-examples/blob/master/Web/Addon/build.gradle#L19

Hi Marat,
Thanks for reply
Yes I am Creating manifest file by comping its parameters , now I have imported the JSON file directly.
Now I am able to update jar in addon and can able to publish my addon.

Thank you.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: