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Really free forever?

Will this really be free forever? Or will this turn into another vendor lock-in bait and switch like Katalon?

Is there a firm commitment of being free open source from Tricentis?


Hello @elsidaliaj,
TestProject has become part of the Tricentis product family, expanding Tricentis’ position as #1 in test automation with added support for open source testing . With TestProject, teams can scale and simplify web and mobile testing, regardless of skill level or company size. As a thank you to the awesome testing community, we’ve decided to provide TestProject at absolutely no cost . We hope you enjoy this awesome free tool - We built it for you !

Do you provide all features as of Today in newer versions as well under “Free forever” plan?

Can you confirm that?

Hello @lakmal.n
Indeed, TestProject shall remain free forever, with all future updates and releases as well.