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Random Email Generator on Mobile

Has anyone gotten the Random Email Generator add on to work? I tried different configurations and I can’t seem to populate any email field in the application I am testing

Works for me, can you see where it’s failing? We need more information to help out. Have you tried to test it on a basic external page like a search engine search? (not the thing you’re testing) How are you populating the field? That is the golden question.

I’m using it for mobile - it remains blank - maybe I’m missing a parameter but I tried all the iterations but it still will not generate email when executed

Sorry I didn’t realise you mentioned mobile, I will leave this question to others since I don’t test mobile.

works for me on mobile (android), with a combination of 2 actions

here is the public link for the test, press on it to download to your account

thanks - I needed to create an empty parameter and reference it - thanks - it’s working now