Question: Go Back to the previous step

Is there a way to go back to the previous step after running the current step?
step1: Search for specific item
step2: Store the item text into parameter
step3: Delete the item if its content matches specific text.
If this step passes, I want to go back to step1 & search again to see if there are other items that need to be deleted. Going back for 10 times for example.
If this step fails, the test will fail.

step4: Create new item if all gets removed or in other words if the content of the parameter does not match specific text.

Hi @raghad,
You will need to set steps 2 and 3 to execute only if step 1 succeeds.
Then, group steps 1-3 into a sub-test.
In the subtest settings you can set the repeat value.
You can use this article for dynamic loops:

Lastly, you can use step 4.

Let me know if you need more information/assistance.

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