Question about maintenance being removed from TP forum

Very recently there was a question on forum, asking whether TestProject project is being maintained as before or not, but it got removed (
Message I got claimed it was removed by forum bot as spam, so I wanted to bring the topic back as not only it’s not a spam, but a vital concern - what’s the future of TestProject, are we expected to use other alternative from Tricentris (I’m not saying this is wrong, but it is important to know, every day of broken tests means more bugs slipping through etc.) ?
If there’s a better place to ask this question, please advise, any communication is better than none in this case


The post was made by me. With many sources to the contrary of what @asaf.saar said in a different thread in that “it is a free product therefore no support”. It is a blatant push from Tricentis to make engineers use their paid for tools.

I wish they would just open-source the entire project so that it could well and truly be “community-driven” and supported by the community. I have been using this tool since 2020, for Tricentis to suddenly stop any kind of marketing and/or proper development on this amazing tool is absolutely criminal.

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As I have said:
we will be forced to migrate to testim to have stability.

Do u know if Testim have the same UI and is there a 1 on 1 migration available?

No evidence to back this up, but I estimate that TestProject probably has less than a year left. They say it will be maintained, but if their maintenance stays the same quality as these past few months, the program will basically be unusable by 2023.