Question about coded test in TestProject

Hi is there any example of Jar file that i can get from the admin so that i can add the jar file in the testproject because when i followed the steps in the forum i cant insert the jar file and there are many errors in the eclipse. Please let me know if there is anything tq in advance.

Hi @Kamal1907,
If you are having an issue compiling your project into a jar and uploading it to TestProject.
Please make sure you are complying with the jar using java 11.

Make sure all the dependencies which are required compiling when running a build task.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi sir i have done all this method but still cant upload the jar file, is there any other way that u could help me with this?
As its a important task for me

Sure @Kamal1907,
Please contact us on intercom chat providing the necessary information such as errors or jar file zipped.
You can find our intercom icon in the bottom right corner.


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