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Qtest and Tesproject integration


Everytime when i run my job in testproject and we found a new test case is getting created in Test under Test design section.
Aslo my test run results are getting updated in test Execution section.

Could you please help me on this.

I believe this is how it suppose to work. But, what is your question on this one, Amit?

Hello @amit.verma.

What do you need help with?

I have created a job in TestProject and scheduled it to run. The test suite displays in qTest and the test succeeds successfully but the passing test result is never updated in the qTest test execution pane. I have the agent running and the integration with qTest configured. What am I missing? Thanks!

Hi @trish.jefferson,

Have you turned on the project automation settings in qTest as it is described in the following link?
Please make sure to turn it on for each project that needs to be synced. In addition it is important to make sure that the mappings are correct (as described in the document).

Hi Elder…yes I have the automation settings enabled. Is there a way that I could get the email notification sent? I enabled this at the beginning of April and I’m not sure that I ever clicked the Confirm link in the email sent by test project. The job did sync over to qTest but again the results once the job was run were not synced over to qTest.
I do see this note and am not sure what to make of it: Note: it is recommended that the user to setup the integration is added to exception list in project’s Test Case Settings -> Unlink Test Cases so that it can work properly

I am the user that setup the integration.

Hi @trish.jefferson,

I will reach out in our chat in TestProject so we could set up a quick web session to troubleshoot your issue. Talk to you soon.

Sounds good. thank you. I am available now if you have time.