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projectParameters being ignored on ephimeral test agent

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to set project parameters on an ephimeral test agent but they just seem to be ignored and falls back to the default values.

I’ve set my TB_JOB_PARAMS as:

TP_JOB_PARAMS: ‘“jobParameters” : { “browsers”: [ “chrome” ], “projectParameters”: {“Username”: “${TP_USERNAME}”, “Password”: “${TP_PASSWORD}”}, “testParameters”: [{ “dataSourceId”: “ySaZpulNeEqX3crs9gbjCQ” }]}’

The dataSourceId does gets picked up as I see a test per line of the CSV of my applicationUrl but the project params does not seem to register.

I’m using the testproject/agent:3.1.0 docker image.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong here?