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ProjectId and JobId - open SDK integration

We are able to find ProjectId and JobId for recorded tests through TestProject UI, but we are unable to find the same for open SDK integration.

Anyone can share their experiences or finding it would be really helpful.

We need to pass it as a parameter to below API’s -
GET [/v2/projects/{projectId}/jobs/{jobId}/reports/latest]
GET [/v2/projects/{projectId}/jobs/{jobId}/reports/{executionId}]
GET [/v2/projects/{projectId}/tests/{testId}/reports]

Hi @ksamel,
Did you upload the coded tests to the platform? if so you can find their IDs on the context menu just like a recorded test.
If you run the test locally, the test is not hosted on TestProject and thus does not have an ID.
When you run it from your IDE you should get a report depends on the project name you provided in the test.