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Project parameters when running via agent cli

Is it possible to overwrite project parameters when running tests via the agent cli ? I’ve tried adding them to a parameters csv file but that doesn’t seem to work.

Hello @SjakieMaksym
Test parameters can be overridden or provided externally.
In order to override bundled test parameters using an external file, -p or --parameters option should be used:
testproject-agent run MyFirstTestBackup.zip --parameters parameters.csv

The same syntax should be used to supply parameters values for an unbundled stand-alone YAML backup files:
testproject-agent run MyFirstTestBackup.yaml --parameters parameters.csv

You can see here more info about the TestProject CLI:

thanks for answering,
yes i have been using the --parameters option and that works fine for test scoped parameters, but doesn’t seem to work for the Project scoped parameters, it ignores those

This method uses the test parameters only.
If you want to overwrite the project parameter you should download the test as a package and you can edit the project-parameter.yaml file using notepad and run it as a zip file after replacing the existing file with the edited one.
Let me know if you were able to do that