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Problems with recording of an "generic web element"


i am a new User of testproject.io.

I want to know how to record or select parametes like Zipcode / Postleitzahl of an for a test?

We have tried the LOCATORS “XPATH” and “CSS SELECTOR” without success.

We use vue.js with quasar framework in a web component environment

Do you have a hint for me?

Thanks Daniel

Hello @daniel.sonne,
There shouldn’t be an issue with testing vue.js components.
Can you post an example of html and selector you used that didn’t work?

Hi Guy,

thanks for your message.

We have now developed the product with “normal DOM” and no longer in the “shadow DOM”.

In the “normal DOM” we can use testproject.io well.

I close this thread.

greetings daniel

I found this helpfll blog post for the Shadow Dom topic:

Greetings Daniel