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Problem with update addon

I created addon with few specific actions to my application before about 2-3 month ago.
Now I’m working again on it and I want to mix getOTP option inside my Login action.
So I generated “getOTP” and “hideKeyboard” tests and mix it with my action.
To do that I had to add dependecies to pom.xml.
When I Run my code in local everything works good.
But now im trying to upload new jar files and Im getting errors with the skd:

TestProject SDK 63.0

Please Help!

Hi @Dor.yosef.shriki

Difficult to say without having some additional information.

If it’s Addon that you’re trying to upload - addon action can’t use another addon due to the interface limitation.

Was it also the Addon SDK used to build this JAR ? (also check please the it’s latest version)

It was helpful

I kept the login action the same, and created a test that including login action and GetOTP.