Problem with PostgreSQL Database addon

Since today, when I want to connect to a database, with the correct data, given that until yesterday I could do it without problems, it gives me the following error:

“Your security policy has prevented the connection from being attempted. You probably need to grant the connect to the database server host and port that you wish to connect to.”

Downgrade the agent version, update the addon, and even try another database server and the error persists.
I found inside the java in \TestProject Agent\runtime\lib\security the file default.policy where there is permission “*”,“connect,resolve”; inside grant codeBase “jrt:/”
I also stopped my firewall and antivirus and the situation persists
Could you help me?

Hi @nestorr,
It looks like there is an issue on your side.
Please contact your IT for help with your security policy.

Could you find any solution to this problem?
Facing the same issue :frowning:

Hi how are you?

The solution was:
in the file C:\Program Files\TestProject Agent\runtime\conf\security\java.policy add a new line inside the GRANT



Thank you @nestorr!
It really worked!

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