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Print page (as PDF)

Hi Guys,

I want to build an automation that in the end, clicks on a print button.
Ultimately, I want it to save the PDF on the desktop of a user automatically. However, I know that this will be hard, so I just wanted to ask whether we can make the user interact with the last windows (where they save the PDF manually)?


Hi @vmvelev,

When you click on the print button, the file is automatically downloaded to the Downloads file?
If it’s simply opened in a new tab, you cannot record your test on it, since it’s a pdf file and not something that can be automated.

Hi Amit,

Unfortunately, a dialog page is displayed. Please see the screenshot.

So you have a dialog window in your web app that allow you to save the pdf locally?
Can you interact with it in the recorder?

Hi @amit.yahav,

Unfortunately, the recorder does not catch it. I guess we have no way to interact with it in this case?

I will have to take a look at it myself.
Would it be possible to make an online Zoom call? Let me know if you can and I’ll send you a link

Yes, sure, I am available for such call.

Great, I’ll email you with a link

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