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Price subscription TestProject

Hello guys, can I pay for more space, or advanced features?

Excellent tool.


Hi @vinicius.mpinho,

Thank you for the feedback and happy ot hear you are enjoying TestProject! :blush:
TestProject community is completely free to use for all of its current existing features (for both commercial and private usage), and 98% of our users utilize the free plan as it is more than enough for them, even for large scale enterprise users.

I appreciate you showing interest in having a TestProject Subscription Plan for more space or advanced features. As for more space: you can manage your storage by deleting items that are not in use anymore. But in case required, please reach out to support@testproject.io and we will incrementally increase your storage with 5GB at a time & up to 15GB storage in total for free. Usually it’s more than enough, even for our biggest clients, since the only aspects that take up your storage are: Data sources, apps, screenshots in the reports, coded tests and private addons.

As for advanced features: were there any particular ones you were hoping for?
I’d be happy to learn more about your use case and goals you are looking to achieve, in order for us to make sure you receive the best experience possible with TestProject :slight_smile: The team and I are also always happy to schedule 1:1 meetings if you’d prefer elaborating more over a call.

Feel free to share your suggestions and/or requests - we are always looking to improve more and more!

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Dear Karen,

incase if we are required more than 15GB in future, what is the option available?
Can you please advise here since we are doing POC and we have to submit our result to management?


Hi @sheena.ignacious,

Happy to hear you are doing a POC :slight_smile: If you need any help with that, feel free to ask anything!
Regarding storage - It’s important to mention that the storage in your account is used for:

  1. Data sources
  2. Applications
  3. Screenshots in the reports
  4. Coded tests
  5. Private Addons

Of course, you can manage your storage by deleting items that are not in use anymore (for example old reports) and free up the account space.

As mentioned, 98% of our users utilize the default free 2GB storage given per account, as it is more than enough for them, even for large enterprise users. And of course we are happy to increase that incrementally up to 15GB for free as well :slight_smile:

In case you should ever require more than 15GB of storage, we can customize a dedicated enterprise plan for you. Feel free to reach out to contact@testproject.io anytime and we’d be happy to elaborate more and address any other open POC requirements you may have over a call.

The team and I are always here to help!

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