"Press multiple keys with robot" is not working in Mac

Hi Team,

While using “Press multiple keys with robot” is not working in mac. But the same is working in Windows.

The below screenshots are from Mac execution,


This screenshot is taken from Logs for that particular step,

Can you please help me on this.


Hi @Ram,

  1. Use the ‘Press multiple keys with robot’ action with ‘COMMAND’ and ‘A’.
  2. Use the ‘Press multiple keys with robot’ action with ‘DEL’.

You can also use the ‘Clear contents’ action.

HI @ran.ferdinaro ,

This is still not working.
There is a concern using ‘Clear contents’ it is not working in mac for specific text boxes, that’s the reason I am looking for alternatives.


I was not able to reproduce your issue on my end.
Please try again; If it is not working, send your logs to support@testproject.io

The issue is only with Mac, it is working fine in Windows.

I was able to make it work on macOS as well.

@ran.ferdinaro , do I need to do any specific configuration in mac for these Robot packages?