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Pre-request steps which must be included to check internet connection up or down

It was accidental but its required feature for most of the modern automation tools.

Yesterday I have made one automation script job on remote machine and it will be suppose to run on schedule time on 6 AM. Its also executed but I found fail result and it seems like that issue of internet connection. I realize that we can add any shell script to check weather internet up or down but I found that most of the tool do not have this kind of pre-request steps which must be included.

I don’t know whether its already included with any tool but request to community to add your thoughts behind it or share your views if you have any proper solution or suggestions for it.

It is something like below but not sure whether any tool applies or not before running any automation scripts/automation job.


if ping -q -c 1 -W 1 mydomain.com >/dev/null; then

echo “The network is up”


echo “The network is down”


Hi @malay.p,

Thank you for your kind and important suggestion. Such an addon is definitely important and we are working on it. We will soon release an addon that will allow you to send system shell commands or even run script files.

We’ll keep you updated of course.

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Thank You so much Amit for your quick reply. This tool is awesome and I know team will deploy this feature. All the Best :slight_smile:

Thank you @malay.p :slight_smile:
We are doing the best to ensure that all of the users’ request are fulfilled

Guys, maybe you can use RESTful API addon for this purpose utilizing the HTTP GET Request action just to get reply from any 3rd party public API which will indicate that the connection is a live… thoughts? :wink:

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Thanks for suggestion. We can use any ping api or terminate test job if connection is down.
But is it possible to write any condition before start any test job ?
Or request to share if any type of example steps / tests available.

Hi @malay.p,

You can create a check-up test that will only test the internet connection. Use this test as the first test in your job and mark it as “Critical”.
You can do it by clicking on the edir button on the test in your job:

That will terminate the job in case of a failure.

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Now got it. Thank you so much Amit :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @malay.p :slight_smile:

Actually I have posted one article in linked in about this issue and only TestProject team has responded for this feature. You can comment on this also. Excellent Support !!!

Also let me know if you have any further suggestion or correct me if I am wrong.