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Possible to run agent on raspberry / arm cpu?

I would like to know if it currently possible to run a ‘testproject agent’ on a raspberry pi, knowing that it uses an arm64 cpu? Is there a specific limitation?
I succeed running a mobile automation test on my local computer, I am impressed how fast and easy it was. The idea is to have some remote mobile testing device, and a raspberry will be ideal with his lightweight and small size.

Hello didier,
It is not possible to install an agent on a raspberry pi as it does not meet the minimum requirements to install TestProject agent.
Most modern machines should be able to install the our agent.
However it’s possible to use integration with sauce labs or browserstack and execute your test on device farms using our virtual agent if your system cannot install an agent.

well thats not technically true i managed to use the linux docker on a raspberry pi 4 but will only be for web based headless tests