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Possible to register multiple fast clicks? Lick 7-8 quick clicks?

The reason I ask about quick multiple clicks is because this is how we access different environments on our app. We have link where if we click 7-8 times fast, we can then update if we are hitting the dev environment, staging, or production. Thanks for any help or ideas.


On web tests there is an action for this called ‘Click Multiple Times’:

This action allows you to perform any amount of clicks with any delay of milliseconds between them.

On mobile devices it is possible to repeat the click/tap action multiple times.
This should quickly tap on items, doubly so for the double click/double tap gesture, and you could use a step pause to have a delay between them.

@ david.goichman - do you know of a way to make the clicks on the button / link really quick?

This is for an app on iPhone, and need to click 8 times really quick on a link to go to a settings page.

These are my current settings and they don’t result in anything happening.

Hello, you are using the incorrect action as suggested. you are using click

Please try with click multiple times action

Hello Ran (@ ran.tzur) and thank you for your reply.

I’m a bit confused… to do this, do I need a specific Add on? When I search for this action, “Click multiple times” doesn’t appear for me.

I have noticed this action for a regular webpage browser action, but not appearing for my scenario of an iPhone app? (screenshot attached showing that this doesn’t appear for me)