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Possible to export in XML and integrate to Bamboo?

Hi, Im new to TestProject and I have two questions.

Is it possible to export the recorder testcases in xml format? I need to export it and then put it in our specific framework and later automate it.
And another question is related to automation. How can we automated the projects that we create in the TestProject? for our internal system we use Bamboo, but is there any way that we can integrate recorded projects into Bamboo?

Thank you for your time.


Hello @somi.

The recorded test cases themselves, can be exported in code, currently Java and C# and in the near future Python as well.


If you’re looking for XML specifically, you can receive test report results in XML via our RESTful API:

I can suggest integrating TestProject into your existing framework by using the API to trigger jobs and then extracting the results in XML format.

For CI/CD we currently have plugins for Jenkins and TeamCity, we do have a Bamboo plugin on our roadmap but I cannot share an exact ETA.

However, if possible, you could also trigger API calls to the TestProject API to run the jobs containing your recorded test cases.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually what we need is to have the testcases in xml and test reports in html format. Or the other way is to record the testcases and use the location path into our files, however this is so much extra work.