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Possibility to upload a file coming from an URL

We have tests with file uploads that can be executed from various agents :

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Test project cloud

But we could not find a way to upload test files equally on all these agents with both the [‘File Uploader’ and ‘File Upload’ addons, as the absolute path will not work between Windows and Linux, and the cloud will not have these files.

I tried :

  • using relative path after downloading from Google Drive with the appropriate addon : can not save to an absolute file
  • using the data URI of the file : does not work
  • using a public url of the file : does not work

I suggest to add in one of the addons (I could not find a way to contact the addon developers) the possibility to give a URL (https://…) as the file source, or a data URI (Data URLs - HTTP | MDN) and a file name (as the data uri does not specify file name).

Thank you

Hi @fabien.menager,
You can simply use upload a file from dropbox:

By providing a locator and a path to dropbox.

Alternatively you can download a file using any of our addons then follow up with get last downloaded file path, and use it in your upload step.
Let me know if you managed :slight_smile: