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Perform an action outside the web window

While performing a test, one of the applications needs to ask the user to give permission to the browser to use the mic and the camera, which is an outside pop up and it is managed by the browser, not the app. I can’t perform that action, therefore the step can’t continue.

Is there a way a can perform an action of a pop up? For example those pop ups that appear when you are doing a job and when you click on the exit button of the browser it asks “all your work will be lost, are you sure you want to leave?”.

Hope I was clear on my question. Thanks!!!

Hello @daniel2
This can be achieved in the Test execution itself and not from the recorder at the moment.
To achieve your goal, you can create a new job, attach the test which requires the camera permission, and set costume capabilities to this job.
here is how you can do it:

after creating a job an attaching the desired test, click on “set custom capabilities” icon:

and set it to:

which will automatically enable the camera and mic permissions for you.

But please note at the moment this does not work and will be fixed in agent 0.65.40 which will be released very soon, and I will update you here once released.

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Hey @ran.tzur !! thank you very much!! I’ll try it right away!

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