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Passing application as parameter to iOS test and install right application on device

We have 2 ios application which I like to run same tests on them.
The challenge that I have in testproject is we have to specify application in test level, I don’t know how I can create a job which I can run same test for 2 different application.
another example is I have one test that I like to use it as a nested test for 2 different application test. It’s not working as nested test has different bundle app attached to it.
Any ideas how manage these cases in iOS?

just find out in browserStack we should be able to install multiple applications before starting test.

There is a parameter called “other app” which able us to install multiple applications before starting test. a challenge that I have now is, where I can set this parameter in TestProject. I can set it in Jobs by passing this parameter. Just wandering if TestProject Team able to add feature that we can select multiple application for test and then they can upload all ipa files to browser stack and trigger tests. Currently we only allow to pick one application per test.
Here is one example from browser stack to install multiple apps

  1. var capabilities = {
  2. “os_version” : “12”,
  3. “device” : “iPhone XR”,
  4. “app” : “bs://000000000000000000”,
  5. “otherApps” : [“bs://111111111111111111”,“bs://2222222222222”],
  6. “browserstack.user” : “user”,
  7. “browserstack.key” : “key”
  8. }