Pass data source file to other tests added to the current test?

So I am using data source to feed in a set of different values for Production vs. Staging, and was able to add conditional checks using the values passed in - all good.

Now I want to “add a test as a step”. Once that is done, is it possible for me to utilize the data source file values inside those external test steps?

Hi @jcao,
Yes it is possible.
You will need to have input parameters in your main test and input parameters in your sub-test (the main test will insert the parameter values to the sub-test parameters).

If you want to move the values out of the sub-test to the main test you will also need to create output parameters in the sub-test.

Lastly, you can download your CSV parameters template and insert the values you want.
Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile: .

Awesome, thanks so much Ran!

@jcao You are welcome.
We are always glad to help :slight_smile: