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Parameters of a called test script not updated automatically in TestProject

Hi all,

Please help me to understand how the newly added parameters of a called test script work in a TestProject.
I have updated the data source file and updated a test script by adding a few more test steps and parameters but when I ran a job it did not pick data from the data source even though the data file is showing the fields. When I tracked down the issue I found that although I made changes in the test script but it did not select the parameters in a called test script. I have to add the parameters manually in a called test scripts to execute a job.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @sharpat8

When you have “nested” tests, parameters need to be specified explicitly:

For example, if you have a test Level 2 with the following parameters:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 13.57.08

And the parameters are used for an action that adds two numbers:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 13.56.55

And you add it as a step to another test Level 1, you will be asked to map the parameters between the tests:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 13.57.44

And it will appear as the following:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 13.57.55

Values appearing in the data sources will be set correctly in test Level and propagated into test Level 2

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Thanks, Marat! That is correct, In TestProject at the time of adding a new step it will ask to map the parameters but if you have already mapped the parameters and if you make changes in test level 2, the called test level 1 is not reflecting these added parameters automatically. I have to remove and add test level 1 again to map these new added parameters.