Parameterize coded tests and use the code in TestProject

I had generated code to java, I need to parameterize the test, compile to .jar file and upload the file to TestProject to be able to send a different value at each run of the test in TestProject.
I tried to add a parameter by @ValueSource as :

(after I had changed this line to

I know the use of the parameter is by sending a variable in the test signature

And use the variable where necessary.
The problem is that the parameter ApplicationURL I defined as Web applications to navigate the driver in the test

automatically set as input parameter that sent to test by @MethodSource as:

so, I tried but couldnt send another parameter and use him in test.
I tried to navigate the driver directly to url without use the parameter and deleted the @MethodSource use

but when I compiled the project to .jar file and uploaded the file to test , when I run the test it could not open the browser.

What can I do? how can Parameterize the test Without harming the web application?


Hi @efrat.cohen,
There might be an issue with your code, so looking at the code may give us more information on the case.
Please look at our documentation on GitHub for TestProject Java SDK.
You can also create a simple parametized test in TestProject, then generate it as a Java code, and edit it for your test-case.

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