Parameterization on button (click element) possible?

Hello All,

I am new to testproject io. Just wanted to ask if there is a way for me to do parameterization for click element steps? What I wanted to achieve is the logic similar to data-driven (data source) testing where the automated testing loops until it finishes all the lines in the CSV.

On the web app I am testing, there is a form with many buttons. So ideally, on the first run of the automated test, it clicks the button (say 1 of the 12 buttons/options) then moves on to complete the form (entering customer details, etc.), and finally submit it. Then it loops and this time it clicks on a different button (preferably the second button not the one that has been clicked from the first run).

I wanted to have the automated test click a different button on its next loop. Is this even possible?

The screenshots below show the step where I want to do a parameter on and it also shows what button it is connected into the web app interface I am testing

Hi @christian,
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It defiently supported on TestProject, you can follow this logic:

The logic provided by the article allow you to change the element locator to iterate multiple elements by adding +1 to an itetrator, however in your case you can achieve the same with only a dynamic Element and a CSV file.
This is how you can create a dynamic element:

How to create dynamic elements in TestProject | TestProject Help Center

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