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Parallel testing Agent worker nodes

I know the max worker node are 10 per agent and we should use 50% for better performance

The recommended value for this setting should not exceed 50% of the available CPU cores (including hyper-threads if available) and 2GB of RAM per worker.

Is there a possible scenarios or in future release will this be reduced to better preform like selenium grid or docker ? 2GB per worker is actually not scenario we are looking at running our tests from could version of test project, In actual real life scenario we are looking at running 1000 test cases in parallel. any other possible scenarios, most of remote test project agent are 8core CPU with 16GB RAM.

How are you running 1000 tests in parallel today on one machine in 1000 browsers?

using selenium grid with TESTNG and mostly spin up max node/browsers on grid for the server to handle… we are trying to migrate this from selenium to testproject(in POC stage)

So your grid connects to nodes on different VMs? Dockers?
On TestProejct you can have an unlimited amount of agents, which are the same grid nodes.
So having 100 dockers will allow you running 1000 tests, 10 times less than the grid.

Yes, grid connects to nodes on different VMs that how its running currently.

I did not get what you mean by unlimited amount of agents? we can have single agent on one machine/server is that right?

That is true, i have another protractor project which we sipn up 30 docker containers to run tests and which give less time than grid.