Parallel Execution with Virtual Agent On Sauce Labs

Hello Team,

I am not able to select Parallel execution option on Virtual agent with Sauce Labs selected as mutli browser execution support tool integrated with TestProject.

Is there any way I can execute the tests on Sauce Labs Virtual Agent in parallel in scheduled mode?

Can you please confirm this.

Shantanu Joshi

Hello @sjoshi,
The virtual agent only support serial execution as it has only 1 worker available.
You cannot change the virtual agent’s defined workers to more than 1.
However, you are not limited to only 1 virtual agent at the time, which means you can execute the same job multiple times on different browsers and all the tests will be executed in the same time on different virtual agents (each one has a single worker), you can even automate this process by scheduling said jobs to run in the same time.

Can you please help me how I can execute same job multiple times on different browsers and all tests will be executed at same time on different virtual agents?

If possible please provide steps so that I can try to replicate the same at my end.

@sjoshi Here is a simple method that will do:

  1. Schedule your job.

  1. Duplicate said job.

3.Edit the duplicated job and choose a different browser.

Now both jobs have the same execution time.