Parallel execution issue

I have almost often issue with parallel execution with 3 devices ios connected with usb to the machine.
Only 2 devices run, the test project service in device which not working does not opening and I got the following report :

So no error message that inform us why is not working!
Even after troubleshooting I got same issue : restart Agent, delete testproject servcie in device then re-install it,…

Thanks for help !

Hi @Aze49 ,

A parallel task, also known as an Agent Worker , can be a test/job execution, a recording session or an OpenSDK development session.

Running tests and jobs in parallel requires additional resources and capabilities from the machine they are running on. It is not reasonable to spawn hundreds of browsers simultaneously, therefore please make sure that this setting contains a reasonable value.

Too many workers can harm automation due to CPU and Memory starvation. Typically this value should not exceed 50% of the available CPU cores (including hyper-threads if available) and 2GB of RAM per Agent worker.

For example, if the host has 8 logical processors (cores), it is recommended to not exceed 4 Agent workers.

The easiest way to set the maximum allowed workers amount is via the TestProject Application:

  • Navigate to the Agents screen

  • Expand the line of the Agent you want to configure

  • Set the desired value into the Max Workers field

Please check your agent worker’s configuration.

Hi Alex,
the windows configuration is normally respected :


And I always activated max of Agent at 3.

or maybe I need machine with more processor cores ?

Thanks for helps

Hi alex,

Even with the following configuration, I had same issue !!

Thanks for help