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Output file in Data Sources

Hi All,

I am using Update CSV fileto extract information from the application and saving it in a separate output file. Please let me know:

1- Can we use data sources input file for this purpose by adding output parameter to the csv file?
2- Can we use DataSources to keep output csv file, if this is true then how to provide a path to data sources in TestProject?


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Hi @pratima.sharma,
You can’t change the data source that is already uploaded to testproject.
What you can do is in your test add steps to make changes on the locally sored csv file
and then upload that new csv file in testproject to save with new changes as part of your test

Please let me know if you manage to implement this.

@Tal.Efraim Thanks, I am using an output csv and saving it to local drive but was wondering if there is a way to do that withing DataSource instead of local drive.
So, basically data source files are read only, is this correct?

Thanks, PS