OR condition for ranges

Hi my scenario is i’ll have to hceck if my amount ranges between two values
example :slight_smile: 22969<=amount>50000

= 22,969 to < 68,908

I tried enerting in conditions

But it is considered as AND and it is skipping the value . Can you please provide me an alterante

Hi @hkethireddy .

Would you please elaborate on the test case?
What do you expect to happen if the amount is/isn’t between those values?


@hkethireddy , If you want to check if the value is in between two given values, You have to first read values in an output parameter and then check the value. The conditions you have given will only work if the parameter already has value to compare with. For eg. I am checking if the Personal property is in between 20000 and 40000
My first step will be :
Second step
Third step

If value is 35000 it will execute this step, if value is 50000 it will skip this step.
Hope this helps!

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