"OPERATION FAILED,PLEASE TRY AGAIN" error while recording iOS device

Operation failed, please try again
while Initializing the automation session for you.
CAN’T view device or record device, CAN’T see IOS selectors on the connected device,
this happens on the /projects/{num}/test/{num}/recorder/mobile page while you are creating the steps.
This error happened to me on different devices, different agents(all on 3.5.0), and on different ios mobile devices(Testproject 3.3.0v).
I CAN acces to mobile mirroring on navbar option connected devices(next to share member) and i CAN access to from the “Manage Agents” inside the agents devices by clicking the eye.

Hi @cd_platform
Please refer to this topic:

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Hi @cd_platform ,
We have made significant progress, and the issue regarding the recorder should be resolved.
As you know, our team is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
TestProject is currently undergoing a migration process, so you might occasionally encounter some downtime.

If you are still facing related issues, try the following solutions:

  1. Follow this document to empty cache.
  2. Restart your computer.

If you are still experiencing these issues after following said solutions:

  1. Restart your agent.
  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. Send the agent logs of today for analysis to support@testproject.io

You can download the logs and upload them here as shown below:

Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.