"Operation failed " error occur again

Hi , i am try to play the recorder and i got "operation failed " error msg again . when will this issue be resolved properly . its now annoying


I am also facing the same issue

I am facing the same issue. It seems to be happening more often than not. Hopefully it is sorted out quickly

I am also facing this issue, many days ago till now it’s also more often than before

Stuck process on this stage, after that getting “Operation Failed” Error. Please check attached screen shot.

facing same issue since yesterday :frowning:

I am facing the same issue.

@alex.ivanov @ran.ferdinaro i am getting same "operation failed "issue again . why this issue is not resolved yet . please do something for us .its irritates now :disappointed_relieved:.

Still facing issue, any ETA @alex.ivanov

same too. can’t use TestProject Recording :frowning: @alex.ivanov @ran.ferdinaro

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@alex.ivanov @ran.ferdinaro please please try to resolve the issue asap . :cry:

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Still facing issue, any ETA

Hi all,
This is not a planned maintenance work but a network issue on our side.
We are doing our best to solve this issue.

@ran.ferdinaro ,

This is happening each and every day. Is there any solution for this? or this gonna repeat each and every day?


I am facing same operation failed issue . unable to user TestProject . would like to know how much time it will take to resolve ?

unfortunately i’m facing the same issue when i try to record tests.

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I get stuck at this point.
after a few seconds chrome crashes.
the behavior occurs both by creating new tests and by opening the recorder on pre-existing tests.

Im seeing this error also. At first I thought it was my internet connection. Other forums suggested the browser version might need to be updated.
I’m using TestProject + HeadSpin and TestProject+Android Studio. Both is giving the Error Operation failed, please try again.

All tools used are already in its latest version.

Even I’m facing the same issue, someone said that Agent is an old version but I updated to the latest version, still same issue.

its network side issue . don’t know how much time it take to fix issue by their team . since last week i am getting this issue