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OpenSDK with JavaScript/TypeScript

Hi Team,

Hope you guys are well.

Before shooting my queries, let me introduce myself. My name is Gorav and working as a Test Engineer in Kongsberg in Bangalore, India.

As protractor is deprecating, I need to find the best tool available that can replace Protractor.

Our Applications and Complexities :

We have multiple complex applications(involves drag and drop, Canvas elements, running .exe, .ps files etc).

I am using OpenSDK with JavaScript(We have strict restrictions to use JavaScript/TypeScript only).

I have below queries

  1. How to integrate with Azure CI CD pipeline
  2. Unable to find a way to execute .ps file; and also unable to execute CLI command
  3. Generated Code for Javascript/Typescript is not available?
  4. In safari browser, I was unable to execute(Login itself is failing - We are using Azure login)
  5. Does any one have framework for the same (TestProject + TypeScript/JavaScript)

Hi Gorav, I am also researching about JavaScript SDK for my project. Right now I can’t find instructions about uploading coded test to TestProject, do u know how to do this?

Hi Yunpeng,

I am also searching for these information. Unfortunately there is not much documentation/examples/help available for JavaScript.
@here Can someone please help us?

Hi @GoravGupta,
Thank you for the intro and hope you are doing well too :slight_smile:
Let me address your questions:

  1. You can use our RESTful API (https://api.testproject.io/docs/v2/) to integrate with Azure CI/CD. Here’s also a nice guide to follow to help you get started: CI/CD with Azure DevOps and TestProject OpenSDK | TestProject.

  2. Are you referring to coded tests or recorded tests for this question?

  3. Currently, the code generator is available for Java OpenSDK, Python OpenSDK and C# SDK. JavaScriprt OpenSDK code generator is in our roadmap and is planned to be introduced by Q1 2022.

  4. Can you please share via email (to support@testproject.io) more info on the issue you are experiencing and attach via the email the error message received? We’ll catch up on Sunday/Monday to investigate and even schedule a support session in case needed :slight_smile:

@yunpeng.xu - the ability to upload coded tests back to TestProject is currently available for Java and C#. We are working on adding this ability for Python and JavaScript as well before the end of the year, by December 2021.

For more info on the OpenSDK and specifically JavaScript OpenSDK, here are some resouces:

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the update!

Here are my comments:
Point # 2 – Unable to find a way to execute .ps file and also unable to execute CLI command - This is for OpenSDK(With JavaScript)

Point # 4 – I have sent the complete details (with execution videos) in an email to the Support group.


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Hello Gorav,

Regarding execute ps / cmd from java openSDK what actions did you try to use?

it’s possible to execute a .bat script by simply using the addon to start the script or even run certain commands.

you can download the proxy to the addon here: TestProject

Regarding the Safari failure let me check the details provided. it might be an automation issue.

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Hi Karen, thanks for quick reply.

Where can I find an API reference doc for JavaScript SDK?

Hi @yunpeng.xu,
You can find them here: