OpenSDK common WebDriver replacement

Hello, I am very excited to implement OpenSDK in our existing selenium framework and migrate to TestProject. However, our framework supports multiple browser execution fetched from the property file and perform the test on that.

OpenSDK supports major browser but there is no common webdriver which I can define in my Base Test class so I can execute test dynamically on given browser.

Here is the code:

protected WebDriver driver; // Selenium driver, not TestProject Driver - I can't use TestProject features if I use this
String browserName = propertyHelper.getValue("Browser"); // derived from property file
driver = setupBrowserInstance(browserName.toLowerCase(), tpToken, tpName);
switch (browserName) {
case "edge" : {
    driver = new EdgeDriver(tpToken, new EdgeOptions(), tpName);
case "firefox" : {
    driver = new FirefoxDriver(tpToken, new FirefoxOptions(), tpName);
default : {
    driver = new ChromeDriver(tpToken, new ChromeOptions(), tpName);

Does TestProject provides any solution here where I can use driver dynamically without relying on any particular Browser.? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hi @automatorqa ,

First of all, welcome to our community :slight_smile:
We currently do not support the specific feature you are trying to achieve regarding this scenario.
OpenSDK has significant capabilities, as you already know.
We are always looking for improvement in any area of our features to give the community the best tool possible for their needs.
If you have any other questions, Iā€™d be happy to help.

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